Technical Analysis of Laurus Labs Stock Chart

laurus labs chart

Fibonacci Retracement: This is the monthly chart of Laurus labs stock. Stock showed the very good upward journey from price 60 to 700 and after profit booking it is making support at 300 levels which is near to the golden ratio 0.618 of Fibonacci Retracement. After testing 0.618 ratio the stock shows bounce back and the possibility is to test the 0.5 ratio where the target of stock is around 390. After testing 0.5 ratio it can start the downward journey to 0.618 ratio again. Then it can make the w pattern with double bottom at 0.618 level so at this level it is the good opportunity to buy this stock. This technical analysis is just for educational purpose , before investing please take advice from your financial advisor.   

Falling Channel: With the help of trend line we can find the upward and downward trend of any stock as we can seen in this chart the stock has followed the downward trend with the help of trend line and breakout the falling channel it starts the upward journey and its also important that it gives the breakout at 0.618 ratio of fibonacci retracement and this is the buying signal with the combination of Falling Channel and Fibonacci Retracement.

20 Moving Average: 20 Moving Average is also the accurate way for making position in any stock. After testing the golden ratio 0.618 it is necessary that the price will touch the 20 Moving average which is around 450. After testing the level of 450 it will show some dip towards the 0.5 level of fibonacci retracement because it is the nearest support. This is just a analysis in which we are trying to find out the price movement of a Laurus labs Stock. 

pe ratio chart of laurus labs

PE Ratio Chart: This is the Monthly PE ratio chart of Laurus Labs Stock, its also important to study PE chart before investing in any Stock. Generally this stock trade at around 25 PE, if stock has high PE like 100 then we have to wait for investing , always try to buy stock at low PE ratio. The History of Laurus labs chart said that the median PE is 24.1, so it is near to its Median PE results its the good time to make position in this stock. This analysis is all for study purpose. 

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