Technical Analysis of IEX Stock

iex stock analysis

Fibonacci Retracement: This is the Monthly chart of IEX (Indian Energy Exchange) stock which elaborates that stock almost near to its 0.786 level of fibonacci retracement where the stock price is about 102. It is almost 60% corrected from its high which is around 300 and 0.786 level is very important level where we can start buying this stock in installments. We can also initiate first buying from 0.618 levels of fibonacci retracement and if stock down then the second strong support is around 0.786 level. If our first buying around 0.618 levels where stock price is around 150 and in case stock down we can accumulate stock at 0.786 level where price is about 102 then the average price is around 126 and we can hold the stock 0.618 or 0.5 levels of fibonacci retracement where the stock price is about 148 and 180 respectively for short term purpose. This Technical Analysis is for education purpose only.    

Falling Channel: After making high of 300, the stock price continue trading in falling channel as we can seen in the chart. At the level of 0.618 of fibonacci retracement the stock price gave the breakout of falling channel and showed little bit up move and now it can test the trend line and also test the 0.786 level of fibonacci retracement and then chances are high that the stock can change the trend from downward to upward. It can also make the any bullish chart pattern like W pattern or some other pattern and with the help of that chart pattern we can go for buying. This analysis is all about study purpose.    

iex pe ratio chart

PE Ratio Chart: This is the PE (Price to Earning) Ratio Chart of IEX Stock which indicates the median PE is around 38 as history of this stock is telling, so try to start accumulation in this stock when PE ratio is around 38. After testing 38 levels it showed some up move and now it is again trading around 38 levels and it can make W pattern as we can seen in the PE Chart of IEX Stock. Before investing always try to analysis PE chart of any particular stock. This is all about for study purpose, before investing please do analysis and invest by taking own decision or take advice from financial advisor.    

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