Sahil Arora (Failure to Survival Journey)

Phase 1 – Employment 

I am Btech (Computer Science) degree holder and have good knowledge of programming, Website developing and designing. But I started my career as a Salesman in Life Insurance Company where i usually heard the word Stock Market but at that time I have no knowledge about Stock Market and I also started to learning Stock Market from my colleagues. I also joined some courses. 

Then after gaining experience of 3 years I joined new company in Chandigarh and started my Second job with good salary package as a Salesman in Life Insurance Company.

But I was not happy with my job. My Salary was good but the work was juiceless. Boring to Death.

I was not doing anything meaningful to the world. I was spending most of the time in field because my job was pure field job.

I wanted to start Business in Stock Market but I had no Courage to leave the job.

It’s hard to leave the job once you are addicted to waiting for the SMS “Your salary is credited in your bank account” every month.

I wanted to work on my own terms but I was addicted to my monthly salary.

Business is in my Blood because my Father is Businessman. I was waiting for the right time to quit the job and start my own business.